The Making of Eurosport’s Virtual Studio

The Making of Eurosport’s Virtual Studio


NEP The Netherlands

Hilversum, Netherlands

The Making of Eurosport’s Virtual Studio

How to produce a daily localized studio show when dealing with limited budget and space

Front runner NEP heavily invested in Augmented Reality technology and developed a unified end to end workflow which includes tracking, keying, rendering and shading. Clients can now really focus on creating awesome content and bringing the wow factor to their viewers’ experience!

At the request of Discovery, NEP designed, developed and executed a virtual set for its leading sports brand Eurosport and daily live studio show ‘Winter Games Today’. NEP therefore transformed a tiny coffee corner into a full size studio: an entirely virtual environment, indistinguishable from the real thing. Including every unique feature imaginable! The result? A digital game: limitless, tailor made and localized viewers experience and an increased brand profile!

Buying hardware and software is not the key to success. NEP built the team and workflow to create this stunning realism. Please take the time to watch this 'making of'.

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