Londerzeel - Studio 2

Nijverheidsstraat 17 1840 Londerzeel

directionsFact SheetFloorplanpublic transport access
  • 992 m² (inside cyclo)
  • 31,50m (L) x 31,50m (W) x 9,75m (H)
  • Perfect location for TV, film, commercial use and events
  • Near the A12 highway from Brussels to Antwerp—we are very accessible and easy to access
  • Equipped with 99 lighting booms; every boom can lift 125kg and can be adjusted to the desired height
  • Power supply of 1000kVA
  • Black curtains that cover the entire studio and a 60m seamless white cyclorama
  • Includes its own technical room where clients can put dimmer racks and connect to several supply lines that go to the grids and lighting booms in the studio
  • Connected to our warehouse, so sets and equipment can be loaded and unloaded inside the building, with direct acces to the studio
  • All accesses to the studios are at level 0
  • Parking space for 2 OB trucks in warehouse, if needed
  • 7 dressing rooms, plus a makeup and wardrobe room
  • An office
  • Reception on first floor to collect an audience