We are ITA

We are ITA

Jan De Nul

Jan De Nul wins Silver Dolphin during the Corporate Media & TV Awards in Cannes

Jan De Nul wins Silver Dolphin during the Corporate Media & TV Awards in the category Human Resources. Jan De Nul submitted its corporate video #WEAREITA about the internal Imagine Think Act programme, a film made by and for our own employees.

The spontaneous result is a no-nonsense reflection of Jan De Nul Group’s true identity. “We may indeed be very diverse, we all attach huge importance to our Imagine Think Act way of working. ITA is our philosophy, it’s our culture, it’s our way of working”, says Julie De Nul, board member of Jan De Nul Group, when asked for a brief description of the programme.

For this video, Jan De Nul asked its own employees from different departments to talk in front of the camera as real ambassadors about how it is to work with Jan De Nul Group. No actors or external video house, but the true people behind the multinational Jan De Nul Group. It is no ordinary corporate video or a message from management. The film highlights the enthusiasm and energy that live within the company.

Project managers, welders, management, captains, crew members... they all show that Jan De Nul stands for one integrated team with a common plan! This corporate culture of Jan De Nul Group has a name: ‘Imagine Think Act’, or in short ITA. It is the way in which Jan De Nul employees execute their projects. It’s about communication, planning and being in control of things. And it is the leitmotiv in the winning corporate video.

Imagine Think Act

ITA is the language spoken by Jan De Nul employees, on all levels. It is the way in which they handle things and it’s how they deal with potential risks and opportunities. It is also about learning from mistakes and improving. In short, it is the culture of Jan De Nul Group.

Jan De Nul employees always keep in mind what the final goal is: satisfied clients that want their project being carried out according to their wishes. Working efficiently and safely, smooth and continuously improved processes, solutions you can build on and motivated colleagues are the driving forces for this. – https://ita.jandenul.com/en/we-are-ita

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