Opus Agency

Creative Technology

Nevada, United States


Creative Technology’s penchant for using innovative display technologies, combined with Opus Agency’s commitment to using unique experience design for its customers, created a perfect partnership in the EMC World 2016's centerpiece exhibit. Not only did the exhibit drive attendee engagement while promoting the brand’s message, it stood shoulders above the rest at this marquee annual event. In fact, the project took home gold, winning the award for Best Combination of Technologies (B2B) at the November 2016 EVENTtech Experience Design & Event Technology Awards.

The exhibit consisted of 24 two-sided columns that curved, utilizing ROE 3.4 mm tiles on the inside of the column in a concave configuration and Barco C5 tiles on the outside in a convex configuration. Each of these columns was mounted on custom structures designed and fabricated for the event. In addition, the center of the booth used projection mapping to display moving content on a three-dimensional model cityscape. Opus produced the theme videos for display on the installation, consisting of moving graphics and backgrounds, which were played on all of the display surfaces.

CT tapped into the projection mapping muscle of d3 4X4 Pro to assist the designers to design, distribute and play back content. A real-time 3D stage simulator, d3 is an efficient and effective tool for designing, presenting, communicating, sequencing and controlling a show. With d3, a production can be designed, client approved and tested before venue implementation, which were critical features for the EMC installation.

“At a structural level, the exhibit had 54 screens,” said Logan Shunmugam, CT project manager. “We determined that d3 was the best option for managing that many destinations from a single source in a synchronous manner while accommodating the need to shape and warp four screens at the same time.”

Installing and synchronizing 24 video columns is challenging by itself, but what was more daunting was that the team had only 36 hours, not days, to set up the exhibit!

“The final product needed to be agreed upon before installation, working straight out of the box once we were on-site, and it was,” said Shunmugam. ” Pat McClellan, Opus’ Executive Vice President of Brand & Content Strategy, said, “The pressure is on to create more amazing and dynamic experiences for our clients and their attendees. We depend on partners like CT to help us push the bounds of what is possible and bring our vision to reality.”

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