Adele World Tour

Adele World Tour


Creative Technology


It goes without saying that Adele is the artist of the moment and her Adele live 2016 World Tour was one of the most highly anticipated tours of the year, with tickets selling out within moments of being released. Creative Technology (CT) supplied the video solutions needed to help make this tour even memorable.

Working with Adele’s production team headed up by Richard Young, CT provided a variety of technologies to achieve this fantastic show. From the upstage LED to the two main stages, the tour went beyond the traditional set up as Adele became more involved in the tour’s production stages.

The 14m-high B stage tower projection was created using a series of Panasonic 20K projectors which were mounted portrait, projecting onto 4 roll-drop screens of white voile. Each side of the cubic tower featured a projected live feed of Adele singing as she stood in the tower’s central atrium. This videofeed was directed by tour director, Matt Askem, as he selected one of the five HD cameras (all with a long lenses), including a Towercam and driven by Photon Media servers to flip the images 90 degrees.

CT’s Head of Music and Touring, Graham Miller, is proud to be a part of this huge tour and to have worked with Adele’s creative team. “Working with the Production Manager, Richard Young, and the design team: Es Devlin, Patrick Woodroffe and Luke Halls has been a pleasure,” says Graham, “The team know how to deliver an elegant show that takes advantage of many different layers of video and it’s been a joy to be able to supply those layers with CT”.

Creating a custom show package for the tour, CT’s project manager, Jim Liddiard, has been working hand-in-hand with the touring crew throughout the initial stages of Adele’s tour and loving it every step of the way. “It’s been great helping to tailor a year-long show package that will travel the world with this tour. The touring crew have been brilliant and the whole experience will be a personal highlight for 2016,” says Jim.

After initially beginning her tour in Belfast, Adele is now performing at the London O2 until April, where she will head to Europe and finishing her tour in the USA in November. Completing a total of 104 shows, Adele has a full year ahead!

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