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Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

  • 60' wide x 13'8' high x 15'1" wide expanded without tractor
  • Curbside Expando
  • TRAILER VIN # 1R1C25323VK970517, PA- PT7873G
  • Sony MVS 8000X Switcher with 80 Inputs
  • 8 ch. fill/key internal DME
  • Harris CenUS Mobile Units Multi Viewer System
  • Producer Rear Console's w/LCD Monitors,Router Panels
  • LD Position with Sony PVM 17" OLED Monitor
  • Abekas Dveous/MX HD/SD DVE on request
  • 256 port Riedel Artist Matrix
  • System Master Stations 28 key and 12 key rack mount
  • 12 powered channels of RTS 2-Wire PL
  • RTS SAP1626
  • 4 PS-31 power supplies and (4) PS-20 power supplies
  • 2>4 wire converters on all 12 channels (CCI-22)
  • 2 CCI Clearcom/RTS external 2>4 wire converters
  • 40 BP325 belt packs
  • 6 SPK300 Dual Listen "biscuit boxes" with PTT microphones
  • 32 Beyer DT-280 single muff headsets
  • 12 Beyer DT-290 double muff headsets
  • 6 Phone line couplers
  • 4 TIFF circuits
  • 4 Riedel Connect Trio telephony interfaces (8 channels via AES)
  • 2 Riedel RiFace single channel walkout-talkie interfaces (2 channels into matrix)
  • Riedel PMX-2008 8-port external panel interface via Fiber SFP
  • External 32-channel 4-Wire MADI Comms box (MADI<>W2 analog)
  • Drawmer DA-6 Distribution Amplifier
  • External Ring Node connections via SMPTE and Single Mode ST fiber
  • Avaya IP500 16-port phone system
  • 3 RingDown Circuits
  • 10 Motorola CP200 Walkie Talkies with Base Station
  • 2 Studio Technologies Model 41 IFB interfaces
  • 8 RTS IFB 4030 belt packs with coiled earpieces
  • [Wired for 12] Sony HDC 1500r Multi Format Cameras
  • SMPTE Camera Fiber
  • 4 Sony HDLA1500B Studio Build Ups on request
  • Sony HKC-T1500 CCD Block Extension Adaptor on request
  • Fujnon 22x7.8 Standard lenses
  • Cartoni Light & Medium Tripods
  • Vinten Fulmar Camera Pedestals on request
  • Fujnon 13x4.5 wide lenses on request
  • Fujnon 16x6.3 wide lenses on request
  • Fujnon 88x8.8 long lenses with Image Stabilizers on request
  • Fujnon 27x6.5 studio box lens on request
Support Equipment
  • Harris HD/SD Router
  • 2 Black Magic Teranex 2D Processor
  • 4 Transmission points with HD/SD/Composite, Embedded, AES & Analog Audio Outputs
  • Evertz Sync Generators and Scopes
  • Ward-Beck Audio Monitors
  • HD Down Converters
  • 6 Harris X50 HD/SD Frame Synchronizers
  • 2 Harris X75 Frame Synchronizers
  • Evertz HD Time Code Generators
  • Time Code Character Inserters
  • Grass Valley Router Panels - External
  • 6 Cobalt Digital HD Color Correctors
  • Direct Network DSS (where accessible)
  • 1 Channel RF Modulator System
  • Various AJA HD/SD D-A's, HD/SD SDI Da's
  • Studer Vista X Digital Audio Console (62 Fader) with Dual Core 800s and built in RTW metering
  • JBL 708i 5.1 monitoring system with Intonato DSP and Crown Amplification
    48 Mic/Line Inputs local to booth
  • 96 Line inputs local to booth
  • 84 AES IO local to booth
  • 4 MADI Stage Boxes with 40 Mic/Line Inputs and 16 Line Outputs each
  • 1 A-Link Stage Box with Multi-format IO-MADI/Dante/AES/Analog
  • MADI/AES/Analog DA's
  • D>A and A>D converters
  • TSL MADI audio monitoring stations per position
  • 2 Cedar DNS-1500 on request
  • Lance ADX-2400N Dante with (2) ADX-120E Dante and ADX-8000 Switch
  • 2 JDK 8MX2 Submixers
  • Dual Lexicon PCM-96S effects package
  • Lexicon MX300 Effects Processor
  • Eventide H9000 Multi Effects
  • TC Electronics System 6000mkII with Icon controller
  • TC M-One XL Multi-Effects
  • TC D-TWO Delay
  • 2 Summit DCL-200
  • 2 Empirical Labs Distressors
  • DBX 1046 4-Channel compressor/limiter
  • 1 SPL DeEsser
  • 6 Channel Audience Reaction Pedal
  • 6 Fostex Powered Speakers for distributed audio
  • 2 Fostex Hotspot for A1 in booth
  • 1 Digi-cart E system with remote (Shortcut and Instant Replay v2 on request)
  • Tascam CDRW-900
  • Linear Acoustics LQ-1000
  • 2 Ward Beck 4 channel MP Series VU Meters
  • 12 Sennheiser 416 P48 shotgun microphones
  • 6 Shure SM58 dynamic microphones
  • 56-pair splitter on request
  • 2 16 channel Mic splitter
Record And Playback
  • Up to 24 HDCAM, HDCAM SR, DVCPRO HD, Digital Betacam or BetaSP decks as requested
  • 4 DVD Recorders
  • Buf VTC-4000 VTR Controller on request
  • Up to 2 6-Channel Multi Format Servers (Profile/EVS)
  • Deko3000 HD/SD character generator on request
Outboard Monitors
  • 6 20" HD Color LCD Monitors
  • 10 22" LCD Color Monitors
  • Various LCD & Plasma Monitors on request
  • 20" & 27" RF Color Monitors on request
  • Monitor Carts on request
  • 1x 400AMP Per Leg, 3 Phase 208 Volt Service
  • 150ft Camlock Power Cable